Value Proposition

We have the jobs.

  • We are local. We know where to look for the best jobs and who is hiring.
  • 25 years of experience gives us the depth of knowledge, reputation and access to the most jobs.
  • We specialize on accounting and finance roles and work in teams that align around the DC area’s major industries, Technology, Real Estate & Financial Services, Non Profit and Government Contracting. This focus provides depth and coverage of all the top employers.
  • Our direct access to the jobs, allows you to consider multiple opportunities within a short amount of time.

We can secure interviews and opportunities that could be unavailable to you.

  • We cut through the online application black hole.
  • Get access to unadvertised opportunities.
  • We use our relationships to secure interviews where you might otherwise be bypassed or ignored.
  • We can introduce outstanding roles and companies that you may not have otherwise considered.
  • Our expert preparation helps you to perform your best and gives you an edge over other candidates.
  • Resume advice to best position your experience.

Insider information to help you better prepare for your interview and evaluate opportunities.

  • Company culture and environment
  • Hiring manager personality and reputation
  • Reason the role is open
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Advocacy and Representation

  • Finding the right opportunity can be a time-consuming and stressful endeavor. Utilizing SpectrumCareers to manage your search allows you to focus on your career and personal obligations – saving time and relieving stress.
  • We advocate on your behalf, managing compensation negotiations and ensuring you are appropriately compensated.
  • We provide market guidance on compensation and benefits.
  • We serve as a sounding board with career advice and guidance.
  • We provide resources to support your career path.
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Quality of service

  • We are local. We are a boutique firm with high touch & high value engagement. We are headquartered in the DC area, so there is none of the bureaucracy of the National Firms. We are nimble, flexible and responsive.
  • Our candidate commitment assures your confidentiality, that you remain in control and we provide a consultative approach.
  • We get things done. Our team is highly motivated, and we love connecting great people with great companies.
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What we will ask of you so that we can provide the best results:

  • Clarify your needs. Explain the type of job and company you are seeking. Set reasonable expectations of minimum salary, work arrangements and expected hours.
  • Be honest. Disclose any gaps in your employment history, and the reasons for changes in employment. Let the recruiter know your feedback and where you stand in pursuit of various opportunities.
  • Have an open mind. Many candidates are pleasantly surprised by roles and candidates they may not have considered.
  • Be responsive. The process works best when there is a timely exchange of ideas and information. Delays in feedback and communication can impact your success and could cause employers to move forward with other candidates.
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