Jake Hanson

Director of Recruiting

Jake has been a recruiter for 20 years in the Washington DC market while also supporting national recruiting efforts. He has a well-rounded background in staffing and corporate recruiting but likes the challenge of working in a staffing firm because of the variety of work and the opportunity to support a variety of clients and candidates.


Jake grew up in a military family moving every few years which gives him a unique perspective on the world. After settling in Loudoun County, VA, after high school, Jake attended George Mason University where he graduated with a degree in History.


Helping his team and working collaboratively are very important to Jake. Jake believes consistency and hard work will always yield positive results. Working with people who are transitioning to a new position or a client who is hiring someone for their team is very rewarding for him.


Outside of work, Jake enjoys traveling to tropical places especially Florida and the Caribbean. Jake is always here to help. If you want to hire someone for your team or if you want to start looking for a new job, please reach out to Jake. He will be happy to talk.

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