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The power of your prestige

CommittedTalent professionals belong to an elite community of project consultants. Like you, most have spent their careers in positions with top public accounting firms and fortune 500 corporations. Now, as independent consultants, their expertise is highly sought by clients looking for alternatives to the traditional consulting model.


CommittedTalent combines the rich benefits of corporate life with the flexibility and control of consulting. When you join our team, you gain access to a cohort of your peers, new client projects and an extensive support system for continued success.

High-caliber talent

When the scope or scale of a project requires an experienced leader, clients engage CommittedTalent. You’ll find challenging work worthy of your level of expertise. And freed from the constraints of rigid corporate structures, you’ll have the autonomy to choose every assignment, customize client delivery and run your projects on your terms.

Strategic support

You’ll have on-demand access to a network of experts who can provide solutions and best practices for projects that require specialized skillsets outside of your area of expertise. And it can help connect you to colleagues and prospective clients along the way—so that as one project is ending, the CommittedTalent community can crowdsource a set of compelling options for your next one.

Sensible rates

Pursue a rewarding, lucrative career  as a consultant through CommittedTalent. Large firms—bloated with excessive overhead, travel costs and profit—bill high but pay low. Our model is reversed: We minimize our overhead so that we can both reward you with higher compensation and offer clients competitive rates.  And by matching local talent with local projects, CommittedTalent is able to attract more clients through a stronger value proposition.

Rich Infrastructure

Time that could be spent on billable projects or growing your service offerings is often consumed by operational hurdles (e.g., securing capital, recruiting resources) and administrative tasks (such as back-office accounting responsibilities and finding healthcare coverage). CommittedTalent absorbs these burdens, freeing you up to deliver on projects and focus on what’s important to you.


In short: CommittedTalent works for you, while you work with us.

  • Financial stability through highly competitive rates and payment regularity
  • Built-in business development partner by promoting your services to our extensive CommittedTalent community
  • Access to benefits including health coverage and 401k
  • Flexibility to make your own schedule
  • Administrative relief when we absorb the burden of payroll and billing
  • Choice of client assignments
  • Independence from corporate bureaucracy
  • Professional development with training opportunities and meet-ups
  • Workspace options and access to business equipment
  • Network of colleagues for professional support and comradery

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