What to Expect

The Candidate Methodology

Step 1

Your Motivations

We believe professional success is only achieved when your career complements your life. To that end, we gain an understanding of your professional aspirations and personal motivations. With that foundation and your direction, we develop a personal career plan to satisfy both interests.

Step 2

Your Personal Plan

Working from your personal career plan, we leverage our long-standing client relationships to present you with course changing opportunities. Many of these roles are not posted on company websites, exclusive to SpectrumCareers, and confidential. With these opportunities in hand, we evaluate in counsel with you and then confidentially move forward with introductions to the best matches.

Step 3

Introduce & Coach

Our introductions are a unique endorsement of your skills, personality and motivations – not a resume blindly emailed to an abandoned web portal. With the client’s confidence in our process and endorsement, we secure interviews where you might not otherwise receive consideration.

As we navigate further into the process we remain your coach and advocate. We give you insider information about an employer’s process, research guidance, and interview tips. Finally, with multiple offers in hand, we patiently guide you through offer negotiations, your acceptance and provide you with a professional and “on good terms” resignation.

Step 4

Continued Communication

At SpectrumCareers, we believe that our relationship with you is career-long. We stay engaged with you and assist in your transition and continued career growth. We have built a large and welcoming SpectrumCareers community and hope that you stay connected.

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