Transition from Public Accounting

For many accounting professionals, public accounting serves to build the foundation for the rest of their career.

As a staff member, an audit senior or an audit manager, you may be unsure what career options you have when transitioning from public accounting. Our public accounting focused recruiters have years of experience and have assisted in hundreds of such transitions. This experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide guidance in just what those next options might be.


Connect with one of our recruiters to explore your options. After a confidential call, you may even discover career paths you never even knew existed.

Policy & Technical Accounting

If you enjoy technical accounting, then a corporate policy group may be a great transition for you. These groups serve as internal advisors to the deal makers and executives of the organization. The policy department is on the leading edge of the direction of the company and in this role, you have the opportunity to influence that direction.

Financial Reporting & SEC Reporting

Do you enjoy pulling the numbers together and providing analysis and insight to executive management and investors? You may want to consider a role in Financial Reporting or SEC Reporting. This is a great role if you enjoy the numbers but want to continue staying technical.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit has evolved. Today’s Internal Audit serves as an internal resource or consultant to the rest of the organization. These groups focus on improving processes and operational efficiency while ensuring the internal controls environment is maintained. These groups are also leveraged to tackle special projects as they arise. While many groups now minimize travel, if you enjoy travel, there can be plenty of opportunity to travel with the company.

Transaction, Valuation and Underwriting

The audit foundation is attractive to the private equity and financial services industry. Our clients like to bring in audit professionals and further develop and train them to perform underwriting, valuation and transaction services. If you are interested in transitioning to a more finance oriented career, you may want to consider this path.

Financial Analysis

Are you considered the go-to person in your firm for excel questions? Do you enjoy putting together complex spreadsheets and analyzing the results? Our clients have found that auditors often make the best analysts. If this describes you, explore roles within financial planning and analysis.

Controller, Assistant Controller, Accounting Manager

Have you developed broad accounting skills and are an effective manager? Do you enjoy engaging with upper management and have considered a path to CFO? A transition to a management position within corporate accounting may be the best path for you.

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