Professional Search

You are only as good as your people.

Our mission is to introduce the best talent to the best companies.

We do this by managing clients with our IndustryFocus approach and by aligning our recruiters in SpecializedSearch. The result is a deep understanding of your needs and an extensive network of candidates to quickly match your technical and cultural requirements. Our flexible approach ensures that our hiring process works for you.

How do we do it?

Step 1


Our account managers each have an IndustryFocus and are supported by recruiters committed to a SpecializedSearch discipline. This level of specialization makes our team subject matter experts – spending their days networking and recruiting within their discipline. This approach gives us industry expertise, real time market intelligence, knowledge of salary trends, access to passive candidates, and ultimately the most highly skilled candidates.

Step 2


We take a project approach to each search requirement. Based on your criteria, we develop and execute a recruitment project plan that leverages our extensive knowledge of your industry and our deep talent pools.

Step 3

Presentation & Fit

We use our expertise to identify an extensive list of candidates meeting your tangible criteria. With your input, we then narrow that list to a select few who are truly interested in your company and culturally align with your organization. We then carefully and discreetly arrange conversations so you may further assess compatibility.

Step 4


With a number of excellent candidates to choose from, we assist with references, testing and background checks to help you make the best selection. Ultimately, the decision is yours, not ours.

Step 5


We stand behind your hire. We facilitate a smooth transition, solicit performance feedback and back your hire with a candidate guarantee.

So what are you searching for?

Contingent Search or Performance Based Container Search


  • Industry-aligned account managers
  • Experienced, niche-focused recruiters

  • Comprehensive internal database
  • We make phone calls that discover passive candidates