Our Candidate Commitment

We Commit:

  • Confidentiality – To be obsessed with maintaining your confidentiality.
  • Value – To provide a high value, high touch, boutique experience that will help you better navigate your career and potential opportunities.
  • Fee – There is no charge to the candidate. Our services are paid by the company.
  • Information – To provide all the information about the company, hiring manager, compensation and performance expectations to make an informed decision. This includes the positives as well as the negatives of each opportunity.
  • Consideration – All interested candidates will receive full consideration for positions based upon their ability and aptitude for the role.
  • Introductions – We will not make an introduction to any company without your prior approval and interest.
  • Timing – Scheduling of interviews will occur in a manner that connotes respect for the candidate, their time and their efforts.
  • Control – You can withdraw at any point from interview process and for whatever reason.
  • No pressure – Accepting or declining a role is solely your decision.
  • Navigate – To adeptly manage the interview process so you can focus on your current role and personal responsibilities.
  • Responsiveness – To provide insightful and timely feedback on interviews. We will respond to all emails and return all calls.
  • Results – We are genuinely motivated to get to the right outcome and believe an offer turned down can be the right outcome.
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