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I’ve had a relationship with the CEO, Kevin Kelly, for over 15 years. SpectrumCareers has successfully placed 50 full-time employees at my company. The firm understands the nature of not only what we do, but also our company culture—which is critical when your company is growing at an exponential rate. Every candidate Spectrum has brought us has been spot on. The firm’s strong work ethic and focus on building long-term relationships is what sets them apart from other recruiting firms in the area.CFO, Capital Southwest

What sets SpectrumCareers apart from other search firms, is that they don’t waste your time sending over candidates that don’t fit your needs. Spectrum is genuinely focused on creating long-term relationships and they demonstrate this by consistently providing the right candidate for each role – they never recommend someone just for the sake of filling a position. In addition to the quality of talent they provide, Spectrum’s recruiters have a deep understanding of the public accounting industry—specifically corporations, which is a key differentiator when you’re looking to add value to your team. I’ve worked with various recruiting firms before, and I can honestly say that Spectrum just does a better job.SVP & CAO, Chesapeake Lodging Trust

I am a very big fan of SpectrumCareers. I have been working with them for almost 20 years, and they understand the finance and accounting world better than other recruiting firms in the area. They have both helped me find some really great job opportunities, as well as presented me with quality candidates to grow my company’s team.CFO, CircleBack

Over the last ten years, I have relied on the SpectrumCareers team to identify then place me at several great job opportunities throughout my career. What sets Spectrum apart is their guidance and interpersonal approach—they treat you like a person and not a number. They’ve always understood my needs, and the type of job roles that would take my career to the next level. I’ve found that many recruiting firms will throw 100 jobs at you (hoping one will stick) but Spectrum doesn’t do that. In my experience with the firm, they’ve consistently presented the right opportunities to me and it’s worked out for the best.Controller, Privia Health

I’ve been working with SpectrumCareers for over 15 years. What stood out to me from the beginning was that the co-founder, Joe Basile, took the time to get to know me on a personal level. Specifically, he spent time asking me what I wanted from my career, what my long-term goals were, and helped align my interests with the best job placements that would help me achieve those goals. Now years later, I use Spectrum to hire talented people to join my company’s team. It’s not about quantity with Spectrum. The firm never throws us a stack of resumes—they always present us with quality candidates that add value to our team. The level of customer service and responsiveness they deliver is outstanding, and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to take their career or help grow their company’s team.CAO, Higher Education Industry

I’ve had a relationship with Spectrum Careers for over 10 years. They’ve taken every opportunity to get to know me—specifically identifying where I place value and making sure to provide the type of candidate that will align fully with the needs of the role for which we are hiring and the values of the organization. . I’ve used them both for direct-hire and contract work. The customer experience is above and beyond—they’re truly outstanding to work with. As is to be expected, not all candidates work out 100% of the time. What I like about Spectrum is that, when candidates are not ideal, they’re quick to find me more appropriate candidates that can hit the ground running. They’re flexible and take the time to listen and it’s been a great experience working with Spectrum.VP, Human Resources Consulting Group at Hilton Worldwide

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