CommittedTalent/ Project Resources

The game has changed. The workplace is evolving. Skilled talent is mobile.


Over 50% of your traditional consulting firm’s bill rate is consumed by bench time, overhead and profit.


Providing “benched” resources at a fully loaded rate is outdated.


We have a better way.


We don’t empty the bench or bloat our rates with overhead and profit. We solve your challenge with specialized resources carefully selected from our vetted network of CommittedTalent. These entrepreneurial-minded consultants have the know-how to quickly address your challenge. The result? Your project is completed by a better resource at a benchless rate.

How does it work?


We attract and retain the best talent in the mobile workforce by providing them with a services platform. We contribute financial, administrative, and marketing support while fostering a community of professional engagement and development. Together we create our CommittedTalent team.



Why does it work?


Our approach reduces overhead, eliminates the cost of having a bench, and pays our consultants higher rates while billing you less. Liberated from administrative burdens, empowered by additional resources, and rewarded with higher compensation, our consultants appreciate the value we provide them and deliver the results of the higher priced firms.


Step 1

Higher Quality Consultants

  • Start with experienced, entrepreneurial minded self-starters
  • Attract top talent with higher pay and fewer administrative burdens
  • Provide Continuity & No roll offs

Step 2

Costs Matter

  • Lower overhead and cost structure
  • Experienced consultants mean quicker ramp up
  • Sensible, standardized bill rates


Step 3

Supporting our talent is important to us

  • Quarterly CPE courses to stay on top of issues and trends
  • Regular consultant gatherings to access other Subject Matter Experts
  • Availability of additional talent resources

Step 4

Corporate Governance piece of mind

  • No consultant/employee classification risk
  • Professional and other liability insurance coverage
  • Sponsored Health Care benefits




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