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  • The average hiring manager spends about 10 seconds reading a résumé. That means you have just a few seconds to show your past experience, your skillset, and why you’re the right fit for the job.   However, creating—or even updating—a résumé can be a daunting......

  • Interview Etiquette Summary: Arrive 10 minutes early. Never be late (unless it is unavoidable). Dress professionally — no wild colors. Be friendly & courteous to ALL levels of staff. Companies evaluate how polite you are to everyone. Smile! Show energy and enthusiasm! Let your personality......

The 2016 SpectrumCareers Accounting Salary Guide


The 2016 SpectrumCareers Accounting Salary Guide provides our comprehensive view on the salaries for accounting professionals in the Greater Washington, DC area. We suggest using this guide as a starting point for gaining an understanding of the compensation levels for roles within the accounting and finance professions. As no two companies and no two roles are exactly alike, this guide broadly defines companies, positions and those related salaries. This guide is not universally adaptable to every company or position and should not be used as such.

2016 Salary Survey

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